Wound Care

314-205-8600 or 888-BJC-HOME

Patients with serious or chronic wounds gain independence and better health through the care of our specially trained staff. They are treated in their own home which helps individuals after surgery or traumatic injury get better faster.

Our wound care team of 20 registered nurses have received advanced training on wound care and wound products. We also have two wound ostomy certified nurses (WOCNs).  This expert staff can recommend the most appropriate treatment to shorten healing time and keep the number of home visits to a minimum.

  • Our therapists work closely with your physician
  • Patients can maintain their independent lifestyle while recovering at home.
  • If any problems arise, patients have access to teams specially trained in wound care, cardiac and treatment of COPD, as well as, those with expertise with IV antibiotics
  • We provide a 24-hour response to quickly place a qualified therapist in the home
  • Bone Benefits program helps osteoporosis patients improve strength, decrease pain and improve posture and body mechanics
  • Secure Steps balance program helps patients reduce the risk of falls in their own home
  • The same therapist or nurse consistently manages the patient's care
  • If other care is needed, the patient’s records travel with them to other BJC facilities.

Types of Wounds Treated

  • Fistulas
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • Stasis ulcers

For more information, please call 314-205-8600 or 888-BJC-HOME.