Helping you return to an active lifestyle

With BJC Home Care's strength and conditioning support, patients can maintain their independent lifestyle while recovering faster in their home.

Your home is a great place for regaining strength and mobility lost after hospitalization, surgery, or as a result of complications from a chronic illness. Our therapists collaborate with nursing, social work, dietitians, home health aides and the patient's physician to provide a well-rounded care plan. 

Patients receive evaluation and treatment in the privacy of their own home. This environment ensures that there are no distractions - the focus is entirely on getting the patient to their optimal level of functioning. Family members and caregivers are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions, and can be a much needed support for the patient.

No special equipment or large areas are needed to perform the therapy; however, BJC does also provide home medical equipment evaluation and assistance in ordering.

Our therapy staff includes clinical instructors for Washington University and Saint Louis University, who are specially trained to treat patients with chronic and neurological diseases.

Therapy patients have access to our nurses who have additional training in managing cardiac and pulmonary conditions, wound care and infusion therapy, if needed.

Our Bone Benefits program helps osteoporosis patients improve strength, decrease pain and improve posture and body mechanics.

Our Secure Steps balance program helps patients reduce the risk of falls in their own home.

If other care is needed, patients' records travel with them to other BJC facilities.

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  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
    • Certified hand therapist
  • Speech therapy
    • Vitalstim™ certified for swallowing issues
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  • After surgery
  • To regain mobility after injury or amputation
  • For treatment of mobility problems related to chronic diseases including arthritis, cardiac disease, diabetes/renal disease and pulmonary disease.
  • For treatment of neurological diseases including stroke, dementia, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.
  • For treatment of swallowing problems
  • For easing the transition for patients moving from a hospital or facility to their home

Therapy is covered by Medicare under home care criteria, and by most private insurance companies. A physician referral is required.