Helping patients manage diabetes, day-to-day

Safe and effective home management of diabetes avoids serious medical complications, reduces costly hospitalizations and provides the patient with a better quality of life at home. BJC Home Care staff arrive prepared to assist with daily needs such as menu planning for healthy meals, finding opportunities for exercise, and proper management of medications and medication reminders.

Our home care nurses serve as the liaisons between members of your health care team, family members and caregivers. They have a complete overview of your medical regimen and coordinate care. Among the experienced professionals are certified diabetes nurse educators and certified wound nurses.

This close management reduces the risk of complications, such as heart and circulatory disease, which people with diabetes are three times more likely to develop.

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  • Appropriate food and meal planning
  • Blood glucose monitoring instructions
  • Education on how daily activities affect blood glucose levels
  • Education on potential diabetes problems and complications
  • Exercise and activity suggestions
  • Instruction on diabetic medication