We help you manage your COPD

BJC Home Care teaches patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) the skills they need to manage their disease comfortably at home. Our specialized staff help improve the patient’s quality of life and prevent repeated hospitalizations. In fact, our program only has an 11% readmission rate compared to a national average of 23%.

A group of specially trained nurses manage patients' chronic pulmonary disease in the patients' homes. They work closely with your pulmonologist, and focus on increasing the control of the disease through education and close monitoring. They often use an in-home telemonitoring system, the HomMed Monitor.

Occupational therapists educate patients on breathing techniques that will minimize shortness of breath and other COPD-related signs of distress. Their energy-conservation training and helping patients organize their activities for daily living to minimize fatigue and maximize independence.

They will also evaluate your home and make recommendations to improve in-home safety and make the home environment easier to maneuver.