BJC Home Care Services Orthopedic Program

314-205-8600 or 888-BJC-HOME

Our orthopedic program comes to you after surgery or traumatic injury to help you return to an active lifestyle sooner.

  • Patients can maintain their independent lifestyle while recovering at home.
  • Patients recover faster in their homes.
  • We coordinate your care with your physician.
  • Therapy patients have access to our nurses who have additional training in managing cardiac and pulmonary conditions, wound care and infusion therapy, if needed.
  • We offer 24-hour response to quickly place a qualified therapist in the home.
  • Our Bone Benefits program helps osteoporosis patients improve strength, decrease pain and improve posture and body mechanics.
  • Our Secure Steps balance program helps patients reduce the risk of falls in their own home.
  • Your care is managed by a nurse/therapy team
  • If other care is needed, your records travel with you to other BJC facilities.