Lifeline medical alert for peace of mind


My legs went out from under me. I couldn't move and couldn't reach the phone. If it hadn't been for Lifeline, I wouldn't be here today. It saved my life.

 – BJC Home Care Lifeline subscriber

Patients of BJC Home Care Services use Lifeline medical alert system in case of health emergency. (BJC HealthCare, St. Louis, Missouri)Since 1990, BJC Home Care Services has partnered with Philips Lifeline, the leading medical alert provider, to help patients in the St. Louis area live independently. The system provides a reliable, 24-hour connection to Lifeline's trained staff. This constant link increases the patient's confidence, reduces stress and anxiety, and makes a real difference in their recovery. 

The Lifeline system is available for landline based or wireless systems and includes a device worn as a pendant or wristband that enables the patient to summon emergency help from within the home. With the push of the Lifeline button -- at any time, day or night -- the patient is quickly connected to a trained Lifeline response associate, who accesses the patient's health profile and dispatches assistance. All devices are waterproof, allowing the subscriber to wear in the shower so they can get help if needed.

Lifeline with AutoAlert calls for help even if you can't. 
Lifeline with AutoAlert automatically places a phone call for help when a fall is detected even if the subscriber cannot press the Help button because he or she is disoriented, immobilized or unconscious after the fall.

Lifeline with AutoAlert uses an easy-to-wear, pendant-style Help Button that detects changes in the subscriber's movement. It can determine when a fall has occurred, and automatically initiate a Help Call if the fallen individual has not gotten up within 30 seconds. 

Go Safe Available for Active Individuals
Go Safe utilizes six different technologies to safeguard individuals wherever they might be in the US:

  1. Cell phone
  2. GPS
  3. Satellite
  4. Wireless
  5. Intelligent breadcrumbs that back up and figure out where they were and where they were likely going 
  6. In-home communicator 

Go Safe includes automatic fall detection.
The pendant allows communication with the Call Center from any location and an alarm may be activated if the individual is not responding so EMS personnel can find them faster.

Automated Dispenser Ensures Safe Intake of Medications
The Philips Automated Medication Dispenser stores up to 60 dosages and dispenses up to 6 different times per day. The Caregiver can give reminder messages to check insulin or take with food. When it is time for the medication, the PMD will repeat a message reminding the person to take their dose. If they don’t take it within a predetermined length of time, it will place the medication in a discard bin and call the caregiver to alert them to a missed dosage. This is especially helpful for individuals who are having difficulties remembering to take medications on time or for whom doubling up could be life threatening. With the Philips Automated Dispenser, adherence is 98.6 percent among monitored users.

Discounts for Lifeline services are available to patients of BJC Home Care.

For more information, call 877-419-5567 and mention the referral is from BJC Home Care and ask for any current coupons.