Balance program: Secure Steps

314-205-8600 or 888-BJC-HOME

The Secure Steps program, offered through BJC Home Care Services:

  • identifies risks in the home that might cause a fall
  • maximizes safety
  • promotes independence
  • decreases hospitalizations
  • works with the patient to improve balance and strength
  • provides suggestions and tips to increase safety while doing daily activities such as bathing, walking or standing

Secure Steps helps those with:

  • a decline in sensation
  • a decline in vision
  • difficulty bathing
  • fear of falling
  • feelings of being weak or dizzy
  • history of falls
  • lapses in memory
  • limited mobility
  • safety concerns

Secure Steps provides:

  • a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses and social workers
  • balance screening
  • cognitive evaluation and treatment
  • education for the patient and the caregiver
  • fall risk assessment
  • individualized in-home treatment
  • safety evaluation conducted in the home
  • vestibular rehabilitation

Is Secure Steps right for you?

Secure Steps is covered by Medicare under home care criteria and most private insurance companies. A physician referral is required.