Providing Family Support

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At BJC Home Care Services, we understand that an illness in the family can affect everyone.

BJC Home Care Services is here to provide support, education, answers and help to your patients and their families.

Involving the family in medical decisions as well as supporting them on their own journey is a top priority of our family-centered system of care.

  • Registered nurses coordinate their loved one’s care with the rest of the medical team. They work with the family to care for the patient at home to prevent rehospitalizations.
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapists work with the patient on strength, endurance and safety issues. The therapist will also evaluate the home environment and make suggestions to help the patient, as well as provide education for the family.
  • Medical social workers connect the family with helpful resources in the community and provide emotional support and guidance in dealing with challenging illnesses.
  • Certified home health aides take the burden of personal care off of the family, while also serving as a resource for family members to answer questions and give advice.
  • BJC Home Care Services has partnered with Philips Lifeline to offer patients a wireless communication device worn as a pendant or wristband that allows the patient to summon help from within the home.
  • Home medical equipment ranging from wheelchairs to ventilators is available for purchase or lease. BJC technicians deliver the equipment to the home and train the family and patient in its use.
  • Patients requiring intravenous medication can receive their IV therapy at home or in comfortable suites.
  • Hospice care provides a range of support for families such as volunteers who can give caregiver relief, music and art therapy for patients and their families, programs to help make memories with your loved one, and grief support through activities, camps, groups and one-on-one counseling.