Infusion Treatment Rooms

Easy Access and Comfortable Surroundings

At BJC Home Care Services, we care for our patients as people, not as numbers. We offer patients comfortable suites in which to receive their infusion therapy. The treatment rooms are private; and each room is outfitted with lounge chairs, TVs, DVD players and CD players to make the patient’s time more enjoyable.

Parking is outside our front door, and there is no need for re-registration with each visit.

Experienced Infusion Team
Since BJC Infusion Services is a part of BJC HealthCare, we bring outstanding resources to IV therapy. Patients receive the added security and comfort that come from knowing they will be seen by a licensed professional every visit.


Our registered nurses possess:

  • Chemotherapy certification.
  • PICC certification.
  • An average of eight to 10 years of infusion experience.

Their expertise reduces the incidents of venipuncture restarts, phlebitis and related IV complications.

In addition, registered pharmacists are on-premises to consult if there is any question on medications or issues. All patients are assessed prior to, during and post infusion and a plan of care is created for each patient.

IV Therapies Provided

  • Antibiotics
  • Fluids and electrolytes
  • Remicade
  • Chemotherapy
  • Miscellaneous therapies

Insurance Coverage
Home infusion therapy may cost up to 50 percent less than hospitalization, and most therapies administered in the infusion suites are covered by commercial insurance and Medicaid.

Certain infusion therapies are not covered by Medicare. Patients receiving IV therapy with required administration in an ambulatory infusion center are not covered for reimbursement in the treatment rooms. However, if the Medicare patient has secondary insurance and does not meet the homebound criteria to be treated at home, the infusion suites can be used for lab draws and line care needs.

Two Convenient Locations
Our central St. Louis location in Overland and our Illinois location in Alton provide easy access to infusion services.