Oxygen therapy instructions

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  • Keep oxygen away from open flames, including cigarettes and gas stoves.
  • No smoking while using oxygen.
  • Do not use oil or flammable lubricants on any part of the oxygen equipment. Flammable products (paint thinner, aerosol sprays, cleaning fluids, etc.) should be stored and used away from oxygen. It is OK to use small amounts of oil or lotion on your face.
  • Store the oxygen tank in its holder.
  • Close the valve on the oxygen tank when you are not using it.
  • Make sure the oxygen tank is labeled correctly with the word "Oxygen."
  • "No Smoking" signs should always be posted in visible locations.
  • Use oxygen as prescribed by your doctor. Never change the flow of oxygen without orders from your doctor.

Click here for a sign to post on your door when oxygen is in use.