Words of Appreciation
I don’t know what I would have done without help from my home care therapists and nurse. I was a mess when I came home after my back surgery and unexpected heart surgery and the three BJCHCS staff members helped me feel like a human being again.

I called the office because I wanted to make sure Pattie’s supervisor knew how wonderful Pattie, BJC Home Care Services’ therapist, is. Dr. Pitts was very pleased with my progress when I saw him. The outpatient therapist told me I was "ahead of the norm" and I credit Pattie. Pattie was kind, patient, understanding and helped me focus to move along through my rehab quickly.  I would recommend Pattie to any of my family and friends as their therapist.  I was aware that I may get a phone survey, but I wanted to make sure that I actually spoke with Pattie’s supervisor to ensure that she was aware of how pleased I was with her care.

I called to let the supervisor know how wonderful Pattie was and how much she has helped me.  I had to leave a voicemail as her supervisor was not at her desk when I called.  I was so choked up by the end of the message that I could hardly get my words out and actually cried, but it was a "good cry" because I was so thankful that Pattie came to see me through my home recovery.  I was eager to start my outpatient therapy.

 I want to recognize the professionalism and attentive home care that Illy Jones, RN and Jackie Rottman, physical therapist provided to our family.

Recently, Tom, my husband, had knee replacement surgery with Dr. James Schaberg at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters. Since the onset of his surgery, Tom continues to have a positive experience during his health challenge. Since the beginning, Illy and Jackie have been an integral part of the healing process. 

During their home health care visits, Illy and Jackie arrived with a smile; an interest in their patient; a listening ear: and formidable expertise. They creditably represented the BJC HealthCare family of professionals. Patiently, they answered questions and concerns on site. Additionally, they returned calls if more information was needed about medicines/exercises.

We appreciate their positive attitude and skill in assisting Tom in his return to optimal mobility and good health. Assuredly, Illy and Jackie are assets to your total health care team. 

I called Jackie’s supervisor because I wanted to tell her how pleased I was with Jackie’s care.  I said that Jackie came in with a smile on her face, took time to explain everything I was doing and the reason behind each of the exercises she wanted me to do.  I felt that level of detail was just wonderful.  I am pleased that I am off the walker and onto a cane.

I wanted to recognize two of your Home Care team members who provided exceptional care to my dad, following his recent back surgery. Sherra Wolf, RN and Stephanie Reed, PT were outstanding!  They explained the "why" behind his treatment plan in a way that connected with both my parents and encouraged my dad to be highly compliant.  My dad is doing great.  
Both my parents and I are very appreciative of Sherra and Stephanie's understanding, compassionate and educational approach to providing care.  Please send our thanks to them!  

I wanted to make sure you all know how much I appreciated all the special help I received. I think you have some great, compassionate workers at BJC. A special thanks to Kathy Geisler, Mrs. Poletti, Judy Thompson, Angela Ippard and Angie Randall. I think my back surgery is coming along, but I’m probably looking at knee surgery, in the near future, so I might see you all again. Again, thanks for all the special care from your team. Keep up the good work. 

- JoAnn 

from Miranda Klima,  physical therapist, BJC Home Care Services : Diane Schnable, physical therapy assistant 
BJC Home Care Services, Parkland, goes way beyond expectations and deserves big kudos for her love for people!
We have a patient that needed an electric chair and to get one ordered was going to take months.  This particular patient felt he may not have months so Diane found him an electric chair through a local woman who was willing to donate it and then I picked it up and delivered it to his home!  He was overjoyed!!
She does so much for so many and is a true joy to work with!!  

Kim Schott, RN, BJCHCS and Crissy Schalijeo, physical therapist, BJCHCS were knowledgeable, polite, and friendly and provided excellent care.
I will tell others about the excellent care I received from BJC Home Care Services. They helped me transition back to home easier. I never felt so cared about from a health care provider.

From Maria Gerard, physical therapist, BJCHCS: 
My patient’s goal was to regain some of her prior level of independence to relieve her young caregiver and therefore provide time for him to continue his education.  Ella (BJCHCS nurse) arrived during my follow up visit today, and was amazing. Her level of knowledge and caring make such a difference.  I always learn something from her when I have the opportunity to share a patient with her.   Although the patient did become defensive at first, when Ella started to ask about her medications, her bowel and meal habits, Ella put her at ease. She is such an asset.  Her only concern is the patient. She could easily just do the basic nursing visit, but takes the risk and dives in to the real problems in order to achieve what we all do as home care workers....maximum impact

I wanted to make sure Pattie’s supervisor knew how great Pattie was!  She was fantastic and took the time to teach me "the little things" such as bracing with my shoulders to control my descent down the stairs instead of hopping down the stairs...safety things that are kind of important when you can't put weight on your leg!
She was patient, always pressing me for "just one more" rep of an exercise even when I was tired, never made me feel rushed even though I knew Pattie had a lot of people to see in a day!

I am so thankful for Paula’s home care visit today. She put me at ease, was very kind, and took care of everything that was needed to be done today with careful attention to detail and with a smile. I called to let her supervisor know what a wonderful job she did with me.  

I am the Union Fund Nurse Case Manager for a BJC Home Care patient.  About 2-3 weeks into the patients visits, I was concerned that she seemed to be making very little progress.  I spoke to Karen-Intake about my concerns.  She put me in touch with Michelle-RN, Ann-PT.  The input from Michelle & Ann convinced me that Ms. Hayes needed additional emotional support to handle her current health issues.  All three staff collaborated to inform one of your social workers of the situation and facilitated the referral. Ms Hayes is well on her way to a more healthy recovery due to the BJC Home Care staff.