Frequently Asked Questions

What is home care?

Home care is professional medical and personal services extended to individuals in the comfort and security of their homes. These services could be needed because of an illness, an accident, a chronic condition or a disability.

What does home care cost?

Home care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most health insurance plans.  Click here for a list of accepted insurance.

Who is eligible?

  • Patients that are diagnosed with a new illness or have a current chronic condition or disability.
  • Patients whose medications have changed
  • Patients needing rehabilitation services
  • Patients that have been hospitalized
  • Patients who are at a risk for a fall
  • Patients whose medical condition has changed

Why BJC Home Care Services?

  • We are the largest local provider of services: infusion, home medical equipment, hospice and home health care
  • Home care lowers hospital readmissions
  • Home care reduces the length and cost of hospitalization by making early discharge possible
  • Individuals can stay in their own homes where family support and familiar surroundings can help make recovery easier and faster
  • We have the only specialized program in the St. Louis area addressing the needs of advanced-stage cancer patients
  • Hospital liaisons coordinate transition to home to decrease stress for the patient and family
  • Clinical expertise, affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine
  • BJC Hospice has the only pediatric hospice program in the St. Louis area
  • We have low infection rates with TPN and ventilator patients
  • All staff members carry handheld CordigitalTelemedical Rhythm monitors to view rhythm strips for cardiac patients and electronically transmit abnormal findings to physicians
  • Point of care devices, lab work with immediate results